Best Solar Spot Lights Reviews

Urpower Solar Lights
URPOWER 3rd Generation solar outdoor spotlights
Fully Adjustable Light & Solar Panel
2 in 1 Functions
BlackLemon Solar Lights
Solar powered all-weather spotlight
Fully 180-degree adjustable unit enables lighting to be used exactly where needed and catch sunlight at optimum angle for charging;
It has easy ground-installing or wall-mounting facility
Aptoyu Solar Spotlights
There are two modes (low-light mode and high-light mode)
2-in-1 Installation

Best solar spotlights

The idea of ‘going green’ is not new to us, and more and more people try to adopt this concept by installing systems that capture renewable energy. Whether we are talking about sun or wind, the whole purpose is to do some good for this planet and lose the dependency we have on fossil fuels. Some people do so by installing solar water heating systems or even solar panels to power their entire house. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your garden? A lot of people actually do it, and that is why solar spotlights are gaining some popularity these days.

Solar spotlights are the same as the conventional spotlights, the only difference being that they are not powered by the grid, but they have small solar panels that provide the needed energy. During the day, they charge, and they shine during the night. And all that does not require a single power cord.

The benefits of solar lighting

While I do not have to tell you the benefits of solar lighting, I am still going to list a few that may persuade you even more in investing in solar spotlights for your front yard or garden. Hopefully, you will relent and invest in such a system. After all, Mother Nature will be very thankful for it. Here are the most significant advantages of solar lighting.

  • It is environmentally friendly – the whole purpose for which the solar systems were created was because it provided the exact same thing as the fossil fuels, but without all the pollution. That is why solar panels are called ‘green,’ because they provide green energy, as in environmentally Well, nuclear power is even greener, so to speak, but until manufacturers create mini nuclear plants that can be installed in your backyard, we have to make do with the solar and wind power.
  • It is cost effective – when you invest in solar spotlights, all you have to pay is the initial investment. And that is pretty much it. The rest is for free. After all, there is no tax on the sunlight, is there? Not yet, at least. The point is that solar spotlights are cheap to begin with. Solar panels have known a decrease in price in the last couple of years. All that remains is for the batteries to become more affordable and we will all be able to run our houses on renewable energy. However, let’s just stick at our solar spotlights, shall we? What you need to know is that after the initial investment, the spotlights will pretty much run themselves with no extra cost on your part.
  • Unlimited energy – the beauty of solar spotlights is that as long as there is light outside, they will keep running. That is because there is no limit on how much energy you can get from the sun. While that is an obvious argument, some people think that there needs to be direct sunlight so that the lights can work. However, that is not true. All there needs to be is light. Of course, when there is direct sunlight, there will be more energy stored, but even without it, the solar spotlights will have an unlimited source of power.
  • Almost no maintenance required – as long as the solar panel on top of the spotlight is not covered in dirt or dust, the spotlights will work. That can hardly can be called maintenance. Plus, when it rains, the dust will go away by itself, so there is that. At the same time, you may think that you need to change the lightbulbs from time to time. While that is true, it is not entirely accurate. All solar spotlights have LEDs because they eat very little energy. As you may very well know, LEDs last for a very long time so it can be years until you need to change one.
  • You can choose from a vast variety of styles – manufacturers outdid themselves when they created multiple styles so that you can choose the one that you like the most. You can put them in the ground (they have spikes), which is the most commonly bought type of solar spotlight, but you can also hang them in trees or on walls. Multiple shapes and sizes are available, and the list can go on. All you have to do is figure out the one that fits the landscape.

How to choose the best solar spotlights

When you go online, you will find so many products that you will be confused on which one to order. However, as long as you do not rush into anything and pay attention to details, you should be able to make the right choice. Read the specification, take a look at the pictures, and never order a random product. At the same time, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Style – before you make a purchase, think of the style you want for your solar spotlights. Where do you want to put them? Do you need to fashion a mounting system? Because every such question will bring you closer to your choice. After all, you need to filter through all the products before you actually buy one.
  • Auto mode – I find that this is an essential aspect because it will reduce your hassle. Instead of turning on the solar spotlights in the evening and shutting them off in the morning, go for a model that does that all by itself. The technology is not complicated. Such solar spotlights are equipped with a light sensor, and whenever the level goes over or under a specific value, the light will turn off and on all by itself. It comes in handy, and it can save some energy. After all, you do not want to wake up at 6 in the morning just to turn off the solar spotlights, do you?
  • Adjustable light – some solar spotlights come with adjustable lights. That means you can select whether the spotlight should run on high or low. It depends on how much light you want in a particular area of your yard or garden.
  • Battery life – while this may be the last aspect on my list, that does not means it is the least important. The battery life is essential. After all, it dictates how much your spotlights will stay on during the night. My opinion is that a solar spotlight that cannot stay on for at least 6 hours is not worth looking into. Six hours may be enough in the summer, but in the winter, that will not do. If you want, there are models with a longer battery lifespan.

What are the best solar spotlights?

It may seem confusing to make a choice between the so many products you find. However, as long as you pay attention to the specifications and consider the factors I presented above, choosing a product should be plain sailing. At the same time, reading some solar spotlights reviews online should also be of help. That way you can learn about the products that are falsely advertised. In the meantime, take a look at the solar spotlights presented below. Maybe you will like one of those.

Urpower Solar Lights

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The solar spotlights from Urpower come in a package of two pieces, and they are a pair of versatile lights. You have two options: you can either stick them into the ground with the help of spikes, or you can mount them on a wall. The spike is removable, so there should not be aesthetical issues whatsoever. They are a 3rd generation solar spotlights, rechargeable, and adjustable. Since they are waterproof and durable, they can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them. They are among the best solar spotlights you can get online.

The Urpower solar spotlights feature fully adjustable light and solar panel. You can adjust the angle of the light, and you can also change the position of the solar panel for maximum sun exposure. Each spotlight has 4 bright LEDs bulbs, and they each of them has 50 lumens, which adds to a total of 20o lumens for every single spotlight.

These solar spotlights are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, the light can stay on up to 9 hours. Furthermore, one of the best features of this model is the automated switch. The lights will turn on by themselves at night, and they will turn themselves off at sunrise. After the installation is complete, you do not have to do anything. You can also adjust the light on high or low.

BlackLemon Solar Lights

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The solar spotlights from BlackLemon are quite similar to the previous ones. They are solar-powered, and they can work all-year round. They can withstand hard water conditions such as heavy rain and heat. They are waterproof and heatproof so they will not break on account of bad weather conditions. I am sure that if you decide to buy them, you will have them for a very long time.

This model can also be fixed in place into the ground and on the wall. By removing the spikes and adding the screws, you can install them whatever you want. The BlackLemon product can be adjusted according to the position of the sun for maximum exposure since it can rotate 180 degrees.

This model is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that operates at 2200 mAh, and on a full charge, the spotlight can run for up to 10 hours or more, depending on which brightness mode you use. There are two of them. Also, for battery saving purposes, the solar spotlights from BlackLemon feature an automated off function once the sun comes up. The package includes two spotlights.

Aptoyu Solar Spotlights

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Last but not least, the solar spotlights from Aptoyu may also be something that you are interested in. They are a bit different in design, but they manage to provide more light than the previous models because each spotlight has 9 LED bulbs, not just 4. Also, the package contains 4 spotlights, and not only 2, but you can go for the 2-pack as well.

The Aptoyu solar spotlights can work in two modes: low and high. You just need to press a switch to select the right one for you. At the same time, the lights will go on and off by themselves in the night and in the morning. The items are water-resistant, which means you can let them exposed to rain. Plus, no bad weather will affect them whatsoever.

Depending on your preferences, you can install these units in the ground or on the wall. The lights, as well as the solar panels, are adjustable. You can choose which angle the light has, and the solar panel can be positioned for maximum sun exposure. As for battery life, the Aptoyu product can stay on up to 6 hours on high mode and up to 12 hours on low mode. That is on a single full charge.

My recommendation

I like all three models of solar spotlights, and each manufacturer brings some kind of improvement. However, if I were to choose one, I would go with the Aptoyu Solar Spotlights. I think that the price is right for what you are getting, and they can stay on a little bit longer than the other two models. In my opinion, they are the best solar spotlights you can find within this price range.


I think that having solar spotlights in your garden is the best idea. There is no wiring, barely any maintenance, and the light makes the whole landscape look better. Not to mention that you feel safer while there is light around the house. I think that one of the products above should meet their purpose as to make your garden look better and feel safer. All you have to do is pick a model and take it from there. Click here to buy on Amazon

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